Abolition & Safety

​Campaigns to address Community Safety and the impact of policing + the Prison Industrial Complex on our community

We are not safe.  Not on the streets.  Not when we call the police.  Sometimes not in our homes with our families.

We need to have responses to violence within our homes communities, our lives.  We need to build across gender, sexuality, race, and class difference to find, build and sustain solutions.  We need to get at the root causes of why we experience an increase in violence in low-income, economically and racially diverse communities.  Using restorative and transformative justice as well as other community informed approaches to address conflict within the community and disrupt a cycle of violence that threatens to and has taken the lives of our community and family members.

We take an intersection approach to organizing, we:

  • Seek to be informed by and build power with community
  • Seek to build individuals skills in response to violence through self-defense + education
  • Seek to cultivate understanding through cultural competency training with everyone
  • Seek to push forward systemic solutions to accountability + violence

If you are interesting in learning more about our current safety campaign work, please contact us!

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