Community Building

Building Resilient Networks

It is through community that we thrive!  Our goal is to build safe space, educational exchanges, and leadership development through partnership with businesses and local organizations in order to better serve the needs of LGBTQ+ identified community members.  We believe in cultivating as many of these educational spaces, welcoming, safe and accessible to everyone.

Some of our partnerships include:

  • Newburgh Community Photo Project
  • We Are Newburgh
  • Shapiro’s Furniture Barn
  • Calabash Caribbean Restaurant
  • Universal Partnership
  • Community Services of the Hudson Valley
  • Planned Parenthood of the Mid-Hudson Valley
  • Blacc Vanilla Coffee Shop

We do not provide direct services, but we do work with service providers to support and enhance their impact in the community through trainings, workshops and consulting.  We partner with local services providers to use space we have access to in a effort to bridge the gap between service provision and access.

Please check us out on social media for updates on events, workshops, trainings, parties and organizing in you part of the Hudson Valley.


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