Social Justice | Campaigns

Rent is too high.  Jobs don’t pay enough.  Violence impacts our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Our intersectional lives are at risk, we have to respond!

Build Power. Organize. Educate.  Agitate. Make Change.

There has been an increase in violence targeting marginalized communities in the Hudson Valley.  There has been an increase in verbal, physical and psychological violence. As LGBTQ+ identified people and POC, we will not be scared to live in our communities.

We believe in building community based power and buy-in to get at solutions that can improve our individual and collective outcomes.  We believe in building power with impacted communities, as people who are impacted by these issues. We believe in systemic approaches to harm reduction through galvanizing grassroots power and policy change.

Please contact us if you are you are interested in organizing to build power or are experiencing homo/trans hate, racism, gender based discrimination.

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