​Community Building

Community Building

Building Resilient Networks

It is through community that we thrive!  Our goal is to build safe space, educational exchanges, and leadership development through partnership with businesses and local organizations in order to better serve the needs of LGBTQ+ identified community members.  We believe in cultivating as many of these educational spaces, welcoming, safe and accessible to everyone.

Some of our partnerships include:

  • Newburgh Community Photo Project
  • We Are Newburgh
  • Shapiro’s Furniture Barn
  • Calabash Caribbean Restaurant
  • Universal Partnership
  • Community Services of the Hudson Valley
  • Planned Parenthood of the Mid-Hudson Valley
  • Blacc Vanilla Coffee Shop

We do not provide direct services, but we do work with service providers to support and enhance their impact in the community through trainings, workshops and consulting.  We partner with local services providers to use space we have access to in a effort to bridge the gap between service provision and access.

Please check us out on social media for updates on events, workshops, trainings, parties and organizing in you part of the Hudson Valley.


​Healing Justice

Healing Justice

Creating pathways to regaining our whole selves

Our Community Faces:

  • Higher rates of suicide
  • Higher rates of poverty
  • Higher rates of housing insecurity
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Insensitivity and detrimental treatment with healthcare providers

Our solution is to create spaces and opportunities to gather, build and heal:

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: Crystal Healing and Education Series
  • COMING SOON: Radical Dharma Circles
  • COMING SOON: Black Joy
  • COMING SOON: Support Groups provided by Geek Therapy
  • COMING SOON: Chillin: Trans + GNC gather



Social Justice | Campaigns

Rent is too high.  Jobs don’t pay enough.  Violence impacts our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Our intersectional lives are at risk, we have to respond!

Build Power. Organize. Educate.  Agitate. Make Change.

There has been an increase in violence targeting marginalized communities in the Hudson Valley.  There has been an increase in verbal, physical and psychological violence. As LGBTQ+ identified people and POC, we will not be scared to live in our communities.

We believe in building community based power and buy-in to get at solutions that can improve our individual and collective outcomes.  We believe in building power with impacted communities, as people who are impacted by these issues. We believe in systemic approaches to harm reduction through galvanizing grassroots power and policy change.

Please contact us if you are you are interested in organizing to build power or are experiencing homo/trans hate, racism, gender based discrimination.

​Abolition & Safety

Abolition & Safety

​Campaigns to address Community Safety and the impact of policing + the Prison Industrial Complex on our community

We are not safe.  Not on the streets.  Not when we call the police.  Sometimes not in our homes with our families.

We need to have responses to violence within our homes communities, our lives.  We need to build across gender, sexuality, race, and class difference to find, build and sustain solutions.  We need to get at the root causes of why we experience an increase in violence in low-income, economically and racially diverse communities.  Using restorative and transformative justice as well as other community informed approaches to address conflict within the community and disrupt a cycle of violence that threatens to and has taken the lives of our community and family members.

We take an intersection approach to organizing, we:

  • Seek to be informed by and build power with community
  • Seek to build individuals skills in response to violence through self-defense + education
  • Seek to cultivate understanding through cultural competency training with everyone
  • Seek to push forward systemic solutions to accountability + violence

If you are interesting in learning more about our current safety campaign work, please contact us!

Advocacy & Education

Advocacy & Education

Offerings Include:

Cultural Competency Trainings + Workshops | Leadership Development

Advocacy + Networking | Community Organizing

Network of Trusted Partners

COMING SOON: No Place Like Home Core Workshop Series

We believe in building a more equitable Hudson Valley.  We provide education on LGBTQ+ issues, racial justice issues and equity, leadership development, advocacy for vulnerable community members, trained networks + relationships with organizations and institutions are key to moving our vision from a dream to a reality.

Trained by the LGBT Cancer Network, and influenced by the work of rusia mohiuddin embodiment tactics for addressing social justice, we customize our LGBTQ+ cultural competency offerings to meet the needs of our partners in the community.  We offer trainings to businesses, not-for-profits, educational institutions and the community at large. Please contact us for more information.

We bring our experiences and knowledge navigating social service systems to help others do the same - we provide advocacy and support on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us for assistance.

2019 will launch the No Place Like Home Core Workshop Series a multi-media, workshop series aimed at developing an intersectional lens on gender based oppression, systems of oppression, queer liberation and more.